What A Fan Nation

Child Abuse, how do we begin to address this topic? Our answer is with sadness, anger, disbelief, outraged, frustration and conviction. The issue of child abuse and neglect has been the silent taboo for decades yet statistics of incidents resulting in death has soared. Media exposure has brought the problem out of the shadows of darkness and the stories disgust us all. Enough is Enough!

PAAD What A Fan Charities and Spirit Roller Pen are waging war on this epidemic robbing the innocence of our children. We have launched a program to advocate education and prevention of abused children called “BLACKOUT CHILD ABUSE.” This campaign was created as a result of frustration felt by the principles behind What A Fan. While watching the numerous child abuse stories that dominate the media at no time had there been information provided, a powerful face or company advocating on behalf of the victims or families effected, that was unacceptable…

Families across the country are facing the fear of their children becoming a statistic due to neglect or abuse. As the media continues to report on these issues we find the statistics to be extremely alarming. Even with all the attention placed on this problem, little is being done to raise the consciousness about prevention. The BLACKOUT CHILD ABUSE Campaign is dedicated to sounding the alarm and raising awareness about ways to prevent the assault on our children. We are pleased to have New England Patriots Pro Bowl Receiver Rob Gronkowski and several Professional and Olympic Athletes involved with the campaign and have agreed to wear the symbolic BLACKOUT under their eyes to call attention to the problem, encourage support, education and prevention.

Our mission is to put several recognizable faces behind this necessary cause, create a symbol of support that becomes synonymous with child abuse prevention and assist worthy organizations with desperately needed educational material and seminars to aid those effected by this devastating problem though our fund raising efforts.  Your support is vital to the success of this initiative.

We are requesting individuals, corporations, restaurant chains, sports organizations, educational institutions, celebrity entertainers and athletes to all join the fight against this indiscriminate issue. Help us BLACKOUT CHILD ABUSE… Contact us and find out how.

Show your support by wearing the BLACKOUT below your eyes at your favorite event or in your place of business and encourage friends and family to join the fight.